February 7, 2009 § 7 Comments

Have you discovered Etsy? I stumbled across it one day while perusing one of my favorite blogs. I was new to the crafting scene (still an amateur) and this discovery convinced me that there is more to life and gift-giving than retail.

Etsy is a web-based marketplace to buy and sell homemade items. You can find a Diaper Sushi, Squirrel and Bunny Vases, Homemade Bird Stenciled Pillows, a nearly $16,000 Diamond Ring, Silver Origami Cat Pendants, and Cupcake Soap. It easy to lose track of time while perusing the clever, beautiful, and inspiring items. If you run out of keywords to search, Susan advises to find sellers that you like and look at their listed favorites to discover other items.

I took finally took the plunge and ordered three items from The Pebble Collection (Shop and Blog – there’s even a sale going on tonight!). I believe items are made to order, so a couple weeks after purchasing, I received a small package in the mail.






She makes items using different materials. All of these are sterling silver. The hoops are amazing: they’re very thin, delicate, and incredibly light! I love the simplicity of the leaf earrings. I’m quite keen on the tree necklace as well, but it’s my mom’s Mother’s Day gift, so I’m trying not to fall too far in love.


§ 7 Responses to Etsy

  • Chuck says:

    Oh I love these! I’m just in the process of returning hoops to another seller. (They were too heavy for my ears and didn’t look good at all.) Now I’m considering hoops again…

    I love that tree pendant as well. I might consider it, if I ever wore anything besides my airplane charm. :)

    I love how unique some items on etsy are, I think I will try to make it my go to for the next Christmas season. :)

  • Jess says:

    Simply beautiful. :) The leaf earrings are very pretty, and I think diverse – you can dress them up or down.

  • susanleeyogi says:

    Gorgeous! Like Jess and Chuck said-unique, diverse and functional. You can’t go wrong!
    Is the tree garnet?

  • elizabethlacy says:

    Thanks, ladies. :) I like them a lot.

    It is garnet. I forgot to mention that!

  • joleystar says:

    I agree with everyone above! I am in love with the tree necklace the most! The hoop and leaf earrings are very interesting as well! Do you think we will ever get a modeling pic of them? ;)

  • elizabethlacy says:

    Maybe. I believe I owe someone a true sheep post first though. It might not be until the weekend again. :(

  • nat says:

    oh you take such beautiful pictures E! course i’ve heard of etsy, my new fave place to browse thanx to you teaPF girlies enabling ;)

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