Spring Beauty Basket Giveaway

April 10, 2009 § 2 Comments

Because I’m a sucker for free stuff….

I recently found this blog via another I visit and thought this was a sweet gesture on the part of the lovely ladies who blog at Femmeiniste.

1) I think it’s a neat idea that the blog has a handful of authors and thus, several perspectives on a wide range of interesting topics (hey there, teapf.. I’m up for a once/wk post.. are all of you?).

2) They’re having a little spring beauty giveaway. There’s a lot of neat stuff in there. It’s like a little RAOK. I’m pretty sure I have no shot at winning, but maybe one of you do? Click on the link & see for yourself. Feel free to mention me as your recommendation. :P

Now who wants to show me how to subscribe for an RSS feed?


§ 2 Responses to Spring Beauty Basket Giveaway

  • Chuck says:

    I love this concept!

    Sometimes I am tempted to give away things on my blog, but then I feel like maybe I have too few readers to make that look anything but ridiculous. (Having a random generator choose between 3-5 comments seems a little overkill…)

    Email me about the RSS feed thing, I’m not sure what you mean.

  • Lily says:


    Just click the little button at the very top right of the page (right above the “Search” feature). I’d recommend subscribing just to entries, but if you want comments, too, that option’s there.


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