Speciation of Arsenic for Lindsey (AKA Fun with Repetitive Links)

April 17, 2009 § 3 Comments

Since Lindsey decided to be cute and tell me that I haven’t posted in.. um.. a couple days, she gets a particularly boring post to quiet her.

I feel a tiny bit bad because she wrote an incredibly detailed (and emotion-filled) account of how she came across her pup Harley (possibly on my recommendation). I don’t feel very bad though because if she knew how stressed I was with class projects right now she would understand how one might not post daily. Like someone I know (three links to the same blog! how can you stand it?! honestly though, haven’t we inconvenienced enough electrons?).

So I share with you a lovely set of graphs from my most recent presentation (yesterday) on ARSENIC POISONING in YOUR DRINKING water. Ahhhh!

(I need more sleep)

Chuck, I’m so sorry that you’ve already seen this graph, but I will make you a new one this afternoon to make up for your disappointment. (also, Chuck, just thought you should know that for some reason your latest blog entry URL says “tought” which I find absurdly amusing right now; refer to previous set of parentheses) Speaking of Chuck, let’s admire how effortlessly (and artistically) she posts a note on her blog updating readers as to her brief hiatus from blogging. (I’m not linking it again)

So. Graphs.

As transport 1

As spec 2

The scenario is a leak of fly ash (non-combustible waste product of coal power plant) into a shallow aquifer.

Y-axis is concentration, X-axis is length. Stuff comes in on the left, leaves on the right. Red is bad (arsenite), blue is less bad (arsenate). >(w) is good (sorption site), no >(w) is bad (aqueous concentration). We want >(w) as high as possible for as long as possible. Top to bottom is progression through time. EPA “approved” limit (MCL) is 0.01 on the Y-axis.

My next task is to figure out how to fix this mess I made up. It would be more fun to have not made the mess in the first place.

I’m drinking Fortunes Wild Cherry tea which I once sent to Dee.


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