Throw Down! Week 2 wrap-up

May 2, 2009 § 2 Comments

Well.. apparently I can’t manage blog posts apart from this throw down, but I’m ok with that right now. I still have a presentation/paper and final but I should be done soon! Anyone have advise on mercury isotope fractionation?

This week consisted of my second yoga class. My first yoga class wasn’t particularly challenging. It is an intro class and I discovered last Sunday that what may seem like nothing at the class can turn into a whole day of wonderful sore. I had my third class today and I can already tell tomorrow will be similar.

We planted cucumbers, tomatoes, and tended to the yard last weekend. The sun was out and my back was sore. It was a thoroughly productive weekend. I would typically workout on Sundays but skipped it in favor of hauling dirt and brushing a very fluffy dog. I got back to the gym on Tuesday after quite a bit of snacking and paid my dues on the elliptical. I actually did two workout sessions at once (750 cals, babe) while watching The Biggest Loser. I ran on Wednesday, got tripped by said fluffy dog, and woke up with a sore back. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect on Friday since Tuesday was heavy, but it seems that I ate well enough and worked out just enough to see some progress. I’ve been pretty sore all week, but it’s a wonderful feel-good sore that means I’m going somewhere.

So, overall better week but nothing near perfect. This leaves more room for improvement. :)


Gym: 2 times (wanted 3)

Running: 1 time (wanted 2)

Weight: 161.2 (1.0 lbs down, 1.9 lbs total)




§ 2 Responses to Throw Down! Week 2 wrap-up

  • Chuck says:


    Cardio: 2 times (wanted 3)

    Strength: 1 time (wanted 2)

    I’m down 2.2 lbs. :)

    We are keeping up with each other. I hope it keeps going this well…

  • elizabethlacy says:

    Wow! Well done, Chuck! :D :D

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