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November 4, 2009 § 2 Comments

I spend a lot of my day en route, and my job is mostly mindless (when I’m not in class) so my iPod Touch and I are best buds (go WiFi!). I used to listen to music, but that can get boring when doing busy work so I switched to podcasts a few years ago. I love having free npr programming on my iPod (specifically, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Science Friday, and PRI’s This American Life). I’ve listened to unpublished manuscripts via podcasts, motivational speakers, niche homemade radio shows, and daily highlights from real radio shows. But it wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I discovered a high quality podcast that I can tolerate (even enjoy!) day after day and not run out of audio.

I was searching the iTunes store for a new podcast when my boyfriend suggested his long-time radio favorite from his Marine Corps days in San Diego: the Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw morning show (DSC). I’d listened to it a couple times before with him and was generally bored and disgusted (it’s crass right off the bat and not something you recommend to others before knowing their tolerance for sexual jokes; it IS geared towards a male audience), but I put aside my previous impressions to give it a fair shot. That type of stuff isn’t really his thing so there had to be a redeeming side. I’ve listened to every minute ever since (..except for the commercials).

I continue to listen to DSC daily because they are capable of mature sensible conversation on political and social issues and always make me laugh (sometimes I walk around with my earbuds in grinning from ear to ear trying to suppress laughter). The team is comprised of relatively balanced perspectives, and if MY viewpoint isn’t covered in a discussion, I can count on a level-headed (har har) listener to call in and set them straight. In my opinion, they have a large enough share of their market to have consistent interaction with listeners (not “what’s a word you have trouble saying?” like I heard on a morning show here a couple weeks ago..), but also small enough that I think they don’t have to be mainstream “normal”/boring. They have regular callers and bits like any radio show (a sample of callers, bits, and some history on their wiki page).

I’ve never been to San Diego, but I often feel like I’m there when I listen. I know local issues (like huge Marine presence, armed service mentality), weather (always warmer than here! though sometimes kinda fiery too) and stereotypes about communities, but I’m not alone in the pool of out-of-town listeners. They have several listeners from all over the country and the world via podcast, the iPhone/Blackberry app “iHeart Radio”, and their live feed.

The DSC personalities are currently Dave (captain-grand poobah), Shelly (news), Chainsaw (sports and several impressions), Chris Boyer (drummer/audio), Emily (producer & traffic), Ruth (formerly traffic), and Sarah (news producer, occasionally makes an appearance).

I suppose they’re nothing more than any another successful morning radio show, but they’re my radio show and a very good one. I feel like I know all of them like friends, and I haven’t found anything better yet; they’re sensible and entertain me for hours (seriously.. 4+ hours a day, 5 days a week) and brought me to tears this morning.

I was so touched this morning and wanted to convey that here, but I really think it’s best to encourage others to listen for themselves. I can’t describe it as well as it sounds. Take a listen starting at 10:00 mins in (or approximately 1/4 of the way in) to hear why.

You can find their podcasts through the iTunes store by searching “Monday DSC”, “Tuesday DSC”, etc. (it’s five separate podcasts). This particular one is the Tuesday podcast, Nov 3 10AM part 1.

Using the iHeart Radio app, listen to “101.5 KGB” in San Diego from 6AM-10AM or from 7PM-11PM when they replay the show (local time). You can also listen from their website.

Also, Ruthie has an art blog here.

Anyway, no one paid me to write this and I don’t expect to make any new listeners, but this show touches me everyday so I wanted to tell you about it!


ETA: Oh yeah! And listen through to the end of that section. The end is what totally got me. *snivel*



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