Sans bathroom :(

November 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

That’s not entirely true, but my bathroom is in a sorry shape right now and the bedroom is lined with everything that came out of there.

Here was the plan for the weekend:

  • remove hideous seashelly border
  • paint bathroom (paint already picked out)
  • install new sink
  • install new medicine cabinet
  • install pretty new cabinet
  • install new light fixture
  • imagine what the floor will look like when we get to replacing it
  • fix toilet (it leaks just a little bit all the time)

That’s it! Totally manageable. It’s a tiny bathroom (.. like 5’x5’x5′).

Here’s what’s actually been accomplished at this point:

  • removed hideous border! (yay!)
  • painted walls green (yay!)
  • installed new sink (pretty and yay!)
  • painted little shelf thingie ivory and installed
  • temporarily reinstalled old light fixture (boo)
  • installed new cabinet
  • put almost all my crap back in (and a razor and deodorant for that other guy)

And to do:

  • retouch green paint job / paint behind toilet (oops)
  • paint trim ivory
  • fix the toilet that somehow became unusable during its fixing (it’s ostensibly fixed right now)
  • saw out medicine cabinet hole for new one (until then, Katy is quite curious about it)
  • keep the cats out of my crap
  • pick out a different light fixture (sadly, the one we picked up at a garage sale with the cabinet and sink turned out to be ugly)
  • keep imagining that floor

sniff and of course nothing else really got done this weekend.



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