Ten Days of Miata

November 16, 2009 § 1 Comment

Stock Miata

I haven’t spent much money on my car since I bought it in August of last year. It likes gas and oil, but beyond those two and insurance, I haven’t spent a penny on this car (wait! no! I did buy a battery in March or so.. but regardless!).

Until now. Dun, dun dun.

1) I’ve kept my eye out for a local (too expensive to ship) used (1/3 of the cost of new) Miata hardtop with defrost (it’s for the winter anyway!) since I bought the car. Last Sunday I finally finally found one for a reasonable price in Springfield. We picked it up yesterday and it’s everything I could have hoped for! (except bright red) The seller really knew what he was talking about when it came to Miatas which made a fun conversation. He also gave me *almost* all the hardware for the conversion (all hardtops from 1990-2005 physically fit on all cars from 1990-2005, but there are some conversions required). I arranged for a local body shop to paint it to match my car and mount the conversion brackets, etc.

miata hardtop

2) I’m also about ready to purchase snow tires since last winter was pretty iffy with the all-season tires. My dad sent me Consumer Reports’ tire review, and this week I’ll call around for good prices on the tire I’ve picked. I could probably wait another week or two, but I don’t want to risk being up in Chicago during Thanksgiving with snow next week.

3) Had the oil changed on Saturday. Usually this is a DIY project, but I think it’s good to have a professional check things out every once in a while. As it turns out, the premium price for this check-up was wasted since:

4) It’s at the mechanic’s now! My car wouldn’t start this morning (well, it did eventually). I don’t expect it to be too serious, but it’s being properly attended to.

5) I need to get new floor mats since the current ones are not original to the car and they’re starting to stiffen up and interfere with the pedals (not good!). So, you know, I haven’t done enough for my car lately. I might as well get these too.

6) Car is ready for its 60,000 mile check-up/routine maintenance. Might as well get this done too if the mechanic has the time.

So it’s a bit of a perfect storm right now. Aside from the floor mats, these all sort of occurred serendipitously. My car’s never been so popular. ;)



§ One Response to Ten Days of Miata

  • nat says:

    wow, e, you’ve inspired me to think much more of my car than using it as a tool to get from point A to Z *shame*
    can’t wait til all is done w/your car!! (ahem, roadtrip maybe?) ;p
    but yes – it’s good that you’re putting money into it. i guess if we take care of our cars, the longer they’ll last. i hope mine lasts another 10 yrs!

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