November 18, 2009 § 2 Comments

I’ve spent too much on my car to date and counting!

It’s back from mechanic and onto the body shop. Running total so far is $1756. Ugh….

On a brighter note, I really enjoyed driving it the precisely 2.0 miles between the mechanic and the auto body shop. Very smooth. Zoom zoom!

Also, the hardtop seller had a super-sweet front license plate holder for his Miata that he made. He made me one and is sending it to me for the price of the materials. I thought that was so kind of him. Miatas aren’t designed with a front license plate holder in mind (there’s no good spot for it) so when they drill it into the body it looks bad and messes up the finish. There are plenty of threads on Miata forums that attempt to address this issue.

I think that’s it for now. : )



§ 2 Responses to *gulp*

  • nat says:

    this is so cute! you go on to the miata forums!? bwahahha. never was i once interested in cars til i bought my very own, and because i wanted to do as much research on it as possible, i joined the lexus forum board thingy, which was a weird (but good) experience in the search for my car.

    it was like a tPF, but for cars instead of bags ;P

  • Dee says:

    yikes! but hey… at least you will have a very sexy car as an end result, right? ;)

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