Grateful for:

December 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

(in alphabetical order)

An adoring kitty who curls up in my arms every night

Being born to my parents in the country I’m in and having had the childhood I enjoyed

Being done with Christmas shopping!

Chai tea

Christmas lights

The DSC when they make me smile or laugh


Good friends

Good health

Intelligent conversation

Internet shopping

A job and my coworkers

A knowledgeable, inspiring, patient, and kind advisor

Off-the-wall humor

The Office

A patient co-grad student who has helped me not blow anything up in the lab yet (and uses his impressive sketching skills for a few good laughs)

Projects (crafting, cooking, baking, canning, knitting, making, decorating)


My sister for being strong and doing the right thing

Soft and warm cashmere scarf from Scotland


This staying green

Top-notch professors who are leaders in their fields AND teach kick-ass thought-stimulating, humorous, and enjoyable courses


Watching D grow from an adorable child to a sensible adult, and listening to the stories she tells every night



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