I hate jean shopping.

January 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

I do! I HATE HATE HATE jean shopping!

With the exception of perhaps my vulnerable junior high years, I haven’t had more than three pairs of jeans at a time. Usually it’s two. And one is always right on the edge of retirement.

That’s why this is so exciting!

I started jean shopping a few weeks ago when my second to last pair gave out. I’ve been struggling with one pair for a few weeks. WEEKS. (feel free to be appalled by either my exemplification of excessive consumerism or disgusted with the hygienic details of that fact)

My requirements are simple (I think): place for my butt to go without displaying butt cleavage, regular fit, short inseam, and preferably bootleg.

Long story short, I found the best looking, cute, perfectly-fitting, MEANT TO BE pair of jeans at Lucky. I was very VERY happy until I discovered they were not 50% off like the sign in the window announced. And didn’t have the $79.95 price tag I imagined I saw. $119 is simply out of my price range, no matter how cute. I was sad.

I’ve since spent too many hours to count trying on jeans from a handful of companies. I’ve finally found a perfect enough pair of jeans for $32 (Express Eva Bootleg  on 30% off sale+$20 with coupon). Happy dance! (that was for you Dee)

(until next year)



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