kitty, kitty, kitty! (kitteh)

January 14, 2010 § 8 Comments

We are doubling our zoo this week. 2 cats, 1 dog –> 3-4 cats, 2 dogs. I took some quick pics last night.

  • Old established kitties:



  •  New spring chickens:



They weren’t supposed to look alike.

My friend is moving in with her parents for a little while as she prepares to sell her house so we’re taking care of her furbabies. My parents might be taking Roxy up with them this weekend when they drop off the family dog, which they’re having problems taking care of now.

Roxy was found in a ditch out in the country as a kitten. She’s very playful and fetches milk rings but is a little skittish right now. I did hear her purr a bit this morning though.

Taffy came from the humane society where she previously was kept inhumanely with 11 other cats. She and one other are the only two cats who survived the conditions. She’s a very affectionate tiny ball of fluff who has taken to following me around. I helped her wake up A this morning. He was grumbly until he heard the purring.



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