PETA people! (skit)

June 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I wish I knew who did this skit because it cracks me up everytime! Maybe a MADtv or SNL skit? Second City?

The audio is much better than the transcript. Thanks to the now defunct (possible soon to be resurrected??!) DSC for exposing me to it. (I miss DSC – sniffle)

Also, thanks in advance for all the traffic for the association with PETA.

Todd: Ok so like this is Todd.

Amanda: And I’m Amanda!

Todd: And we’re..

Both: PETA people!

T: Ok, so, so like don’t eat animals.

A: Yeah ’cause like animals are fun and cuddly and they have feelings.

T: Yeah, and when you eat a steak you’re eating someone’s dad.

A: How sad is that?

T: Sad. You know who eats the most animals?

A: Who?

T: Poor people.

A: I don’t like poor people.

T: No. They don’t seem to care that there’s plenty of tofu products available at any of your gourmet grocery stores.

A: And poor people insist on drinking milk and that’s bad for cows.

T: That’s bad. Yeah. Aa-and there’s lots of expensive baby formulas out there, you know. Not to mention a huge array of imported table wines!

A: And what about starving people in Somalia? Would they be starving if they ate Caesar salads and steamed asparagus with Hollandaise sauce? No!

T: No! So please, don’t eat animals.

A: Yeah. ‘Cause animals don’t eat us!

T: Not unless you smear yourself with peanut butter!

A: Huh?

T: Nothing.



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