Grand Canyon – Day 1 “What are my options?”

June 21, 2010 § 5 Comments

We woke up around 4:30AM (I think – time in Arizona is screwy), quickly gathered our things, and headed to Lipan Point for the Tanner Trail trailhead.

The packs were heavy but the sight was breathtaking!

I started off pretty slow, carefully negotiating rocks.

Then it leveled off and I got better. I was in the zone! I love the desert! I love hiking! It’s gorgeous! I love desert hiking!

At some point it got hard again. We hiked a long stretch in the sun with no break. My pack got lighter as I drank water, but by the time we actually stopped for lunch (not the tricky little pretend lunch stop) I felt pretty awful. :(

After a long break, a piece of bread, and a couple pieces of cheese we continued on. I got some help with my pack from a couple others in the group (they were jumping around during lunch – jumping! with energy!). I felt bad that I couldn’t carry my share of the group things or even all of my own, but I had really come a long way in the past few months fitness-wise so I’m not sure I could have done things much differently.

Anyway, after 10+ miles of hiking we arrived at.the.Colorado.River.zzz….

I was never so happy to be somewhere in my life. The river was cold & the blisters weren’t too bad (except my hiking-boot-challenged toenails above). We saw a few rafters go by and I asked if I could ride with them and take a mule up at Phantom Ranch. *sigh* I’m glad I stuck with the rest of the trip, but was reduced to a pitiful mess by the end of that day. Dinner was tasty tacos though. :)

Tanner Rapids


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§ 5 Responses to Grand Canyon – Day 1 “What are my options?”

  • Meagan says:

    Wow, what a fantastic trip. I went hiking this weekend but we only took a day trip to the middle of Illinois – so we hiked about 5 miles through canyons. It was really awesome. And it was prepping us for a trip to California where we’ll hike a few hours to get to our camp spot at Point Reyes. I can’t wait! Good for you for sticking it out, it sounds grueling!

  • Dee says:

    Love reading all of this! Keep em coming! :)

  • elizabethlacy says:

    Thanks! Expect another on Friday. :) (best one yet!)

  • elizabethlacy says:

    I love Starved Rock and just looked up Point Reyes on Google maps. It looks breathtaking from the satellite pics!

    Are you in Chicago otherwise? When you decide you’re done with Starved Rock and really want to drive further, check out Turkey Run in Kingman, IN (3-3.5 hrs).

  • Tracy says:


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