Teufel & Moxie

August 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

In case it isn’t already apparent, I have a penchant for cats. I love their antics and disposition, so it was just a matter of time that I marry my desire to volunteer and affinity for kitties by volunteering at the local humane society. I’m an advocate of neutering & spaying pets and am very much against purchasing pets from breeders. We have many different dog (and cat) breeds and ages that come through the humane society (including purebreds with papers if you’re so inclined) that I’m sure you can find your perfect pet by supporting a non-for-profit charity.

I currently volunteer by socializing cats at the shelter which means playing with them, brushing, encouraging weight-loss, and keeping them happy in their temporary home. The shelter is very clean and comfortable for animals but simply cannot compare to the attention and stimulation found in a forever home.

I’d like to start a new spot on my blog dedicated to these animals.

Teufel & Moxie

Last night I socialized two new cats: Teufel & Moxie. They are a bonded pair who came in as a result of their owner moving. They’re both 4 years old and may have been littermates. They are both neutered males.



These two inspired this spot when I first opened the door to their cage. I was completely won over by their affection. Within seconds of opening the door I literally had two purring black cat heads in my hands – it was adorable! It took about five minute for them to stop climbing over each other for attention.

Compared to Moxie, Teufel is bigger, fluffier, a bit more forward and more vocal. Moxie is a bit less pushy but has a higher purr potential (yes, this is an official scientific measurement). I could see Teufel being more playful and Moxie being more affectionate.

They both love having the base of their ears rubbed and seemingly cannot do anything apart! At one point they both decided it was time to eat so they left the front of the cage and ate together: Teufel took a bite, Moxie took a bite, Teufel took a bite, Moxie took a bite, etc. It was so cute! The moment I distracted Moxie back to the front of the cage, Teufel was right behind him ready for his attention too.

At CCHS bonded cats must be adopted together with the adoption fee waived for the second cat. Also, adoption fees for cats have been temporarily reduced in the month of August.

In my experience cats do better with another cat rather than alone  (ironically, the only exception I’ve found is my cat who has preferred to bond to me instead of the other cats). There are several pairs of bonded cats at CCHS right now. I really like bonded cats because I love seeing two animals get along and care for each other.

If you’re interested in meeting Teufel & Moxie, head over to the Champaign County Humane Society 1911 E. Main St. Urbana, IL (almost exactly one mile east of the Cunningham/Main intersection).

Finally, if you want to meet some kittens this weekend head down to Prairieland Feeds this Saturday from 10AM-4PM for the Kitten Shower! 303 S. Dunlap (south Neil) Savoy, IL



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