What’s too low for Illinois anyway?

November 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

If you don’t live in Illinois and haven’t tracked the drama following Governor Rod Blagojevich’s dismissal from office, it has continued in the most recent election. The race is stuck at Quinn 1,721,208, Brady 1,701,647 (difference of less than 20,000 in 3.5 million cast) according to the latest report I’ve seen. Yesterday the margin was closer to statistically insignificant 8,000.

We might have an official governor-elect soon but until we do I propose the following:

I’m an Illinois Governor…  Get Me Out of Here!

The Illinois Executive Mansion, home to (most of) the Illinois governors past is a 16-room house and the perfect set for the reality show featuring the dramatic interactions between Illinois’s new co-governor-elects and their families a la Real World.

What do you think?

  • Illinois needs revenue.
  • Illinois politicians need accountability.
  • Reality TV needs something new (and realistic?).
  • Illinois tax-payers need to feel like the state is in capable hands (call-in votes on bills?).
  • This could be the actual definition of bipartisan leadership.
  • Blago needs something to do until his retrial date is set (think the goofy neighbor that doesn’t actually have a home).
  • George Ryan (former governor, currently serving time) would appreciate visitors to the pension-supported “retirement community”.

I think it’s brilliant. Besides, what’s too low for Illinois?


§ One Response to What’s too low for Illinois anyway?

  • Lindsey says:

    Sadly, you’re totally right…..I don’t think any other state’s state-level politics is worse than Illinois. And why not? Maybe reality tv would actually keep them MORE accountable (Though it usually has the opposite effect upon the general population). Go pitch this idea!! :)

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