If I had a bunch of money I would buy these somewhat reasonably-priced items

November 12, 2010 § 4 Comments


Lucky Brand Holly Skirt, $31.68

Lucky Brand Ikat Printed Jingo Wrap, $45.05

Jessica Simpson, $34.80 (ouch)

Frye Paige Loop Pull On, $397.95 (double ouch!)

Steve Madden Kobbe, $29.98

Steve Madden Karmma, $35.97

Steve Madden Dedee, Black Suede, $39.98

or taupe?

maybe blush


I’m hoping by posting these here it will diminish my desire.


What’s too low for Illinois anyway?

November 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

If you don’t live in Illinois and haven’t tracked the drama following Governor Rod Blagojevich’s dismissal from office, it has continued in the most recent election. The race is stuck at Quinn 1,721,208, Brady 1,701,647 (difference of less than 20,000 in 3.5 million cast) according to the latest report I’ve seen. Yesterday the margin was closer to statistically insignificant 8,000.

We might have an official governor-elect soon but until we do I propose the following:

I’m an Illinois Governor…  Get Me Out of Here!

The Illinois Executive Mansion, home to (most of) the Illinois governors past is a 16-room house and the perfect set for the reality show featuring the dramatic interactions between Illinois’s new co-governor-elects and their families a la Real World.

What do you think?

  • Illinois needs revenue.
  • Illinois politicians need accountability.
  • Reality TV needs something new (and realistic?).
  • Illinois tax-payers need to feel like the state is in capable hands (call-in votes on bills?).
  • This could be the actual definition of bipartisan leadership.
  • Blago needs something to do until his retrial date is set (think the goofy neighbor that doesn’t actually have a home).
  • George Ryan (former governor, currently serving time) would appreciate visitors to the pension-supported “retirement community”.

I think it’s brilliant. Besides, what’s too low for Illinois?

Putting Up Peppers

October 8, 2010 § 3 Comments

The threat of a soft frost earlier this week prompted a quick rescue operation of the mature peppers. All were picked, washed, halved or quartered, seeded, and frozen on cookie sheets. They’re then transferred to resealable baggies to take up less space in the freezer. Bell peppers don’t need to be blanched for freezing. They’ll be added to soups and stir-fries and the base for stuffed peppers throughout the year.

Apple Dumplings

October 5, 2010 § 5 Comments

I went hiking on Saturday with some friends and somehow got sucked into a small town apple festival along the way. While there weren’t many unadulterated apples to be found, the festival was teeming with booths featuring gems such as these:

Of course there was also the trio of middle-aged women singing uninspired Christian lyrics to a CD. “God’s good! Yes he is! Sooo good! Absolutely, positively good! God’s good! Not just some of the time, but allllllll the time! God’s good!”

A couple of the girls split a plate of apple dumplings. They were literally balls of dough encasing whole peeled & cored apples. Tasty but heavy.

Fast-forward to Sunday

I successfully made tasty pumpkin pancakes on a whim and was feeling a bit like I had baking Midas touch. My bag of apples from last weekend’s apple picking adventure stared me down as I opened the cookbook to this:

Hmm.. why yes, I do have 6 Jonathan apples and a bit of shortening somewhere around here.

So I made apple dumplings:

I used 1/2 cup shortening instead of 2/3 and half the sugar.

They were delicious. :) The apples turned to a delightful mush and the dough remained relatively light. I prefer mine.


September 6, 2010 § 6 Comments

Does anyone is the CU area want (or need) an adorable gray kitten? We found a stray and are hoping to re-home it before we take it to Animal Control later this week. Email me at eliza beth lacy 62 at gmail dot com (no spaces).

Also, sorry about the little vacay from the blog, but occasionally life gets in the way. I should be back soon!

It’s my party

September 1, 2010 § 5 Comments

Knocked out another year yesterday. Here’s how I celebrated. It’s the little things, isn’t it?

  • Slept in 15 minutes and got ready leisurely
  • Wore my comfy shoes (because my tendons hurt)
  • Brought a watermelon to work to share
  • Received a gorgeous handmade birthday card from a coworker (pic later tonight)
  • Ran ~2.3 miles with new buds and without tendon pain
  • Biked 9 miles
  • Took a relaxing shower

Etsy Alchemy

August 30, 2010 § 8 Comments

That Chloe girl in Colorado posted pics of an Ann Taylor Loft necklace a while back that caught my eye. Sadly, it was not until it had gone on sale and sold out that I decided I wanted it. Doh!

Enter Etsy Alchemy.

Alchemy is Etsy’s board for posting custom item requests. You enter a description (in my case, a link to this picture), your price range, and time frame. Sellers submit bids and you select the one that best fits your project. Bids typically include details about materials used, price breakdown (deposit, shipping, etc.). Within a day or two I closed bidding since I had about twelve bids. Some bids were easy to decline (a silver-plated wire with Swarovski crystal briolettes sounds lovely but not what I had in mind at $150) but I ended up with several promising bids.

Once I settled on a seller we communicated in more detail and the seller produced a mock-up.

Gunmetal or rhodium-colored chain?

Rhodium it is. (Love the clasp!)

After a few more adjustments (even including the gracious seller letting me send it back for a length adjustment once I realized the necklace weight) I have my perfect bauble necklace.

And it’s even better than the original.

If you’re curious, the seller I ended up selecting was Christina from Element4you. I cannot recommend her enough. She was very prompt in responding and, as I mentioned, very helpful with my adjustments. Here are a some bracelets that caught my eye in her shop: sterling silver pearl bracelet, chunky gunmetal bauble bracelet, and bronze freshwater pearl bracelet.